Tuesday, June 8, 2010

As a lot of our friends and family know, Mitch has had kidney problems his whole life. It's finally come to the time where Mitch's body really needed a kidney transplant. Long story short, we've been looking for a donor, and our really good friend Andy said that he would like to be tested. Thankfully after all of the testing, we found out that he was a match! These two boys went in for surgery on the 4th of June. Andy had to be there an hour before us, so I couldn't get any picture of him before the surgery.... Here's my cute boy getting ready for the transplant! He missed a button.... But he's still cute!
The doctors came in to talk to us a little bit, and they were getting ready to put some of the IV's in. All of the doctors were really great, they made sure that we understood everything about the surgery.
One doctor who was trying to get a blood sample. Of course he wanted to watch the doctor drawing his blood! My fiancee... The phlebotomist!
I tried to get a picture of him smiling, but he was a little distracted.... All I got was a glimpse.

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